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Security as a Service

For your own Tailored Trustworthy Space




Security as a Service

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service with Managed Detection and Response with emphasis on OT environments.

Create your own Tailored Trustworthy Space.

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Communications as a Service

Blazing broadband in your community and LTE Access Services for carriers by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

The prerequisite for fun, fame, and fortune.

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Energy as a Service

Fractal Power Optimization for microgrids and macrocells and building nanogrids

Featuring Perfect Power though Software Defined Electricity.

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Community Services

We found five (5) critical elements for making a community ready for action. We work with you and others in the community to find the real pain and opportunities. We then create a menu of services custom-designed for your specific community.

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Our constellation of networked incubator and tech centers – Learn how to build anything fast in a fun and social environment.

  • Technology Excellence
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Makerspace
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Create your Business. Realize the Opportunities.


Security as a Service

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service with Managed Detection and Response is a comprehensive managed service to support your ascension into a strong, defensive, cybersecurity position.

Optimized for Operational Technology (OT) environments click electric power distribution networks, key elements of the service include:

  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Managed SOC Services
  • Security Appliances
  • Concierge Services for Detection, Resolution, and Optimization


Communications as a Service

Our Multi Operator Radio Access Network services support major national carriers and local telephone operators who wish to operate high speed communications leveraging grid operators’ infrastructure to serve rural communities.

Services include:

  • High speed fixed wireless accessfrom small cells at local transformers
  • LTE Access Service for extending mobile coverage into rural areas
  • Public safety access services for extending public safety services into rural areas


Energy as a Service

Our Energy as a Service platform empowers electric utility companies and owners/managers of energy intensive commercial buildings and industrial sites to implement local power generation and power conditioning to support the new fractal approach to energy resiliency.

Services include the following:

  • Multi-tiered microgrid optimization engines with life extension of energy storage conditioning
  • Software Defined Electricity for building management systems that reduces your electric bills up to 30% as well as damping out harmonics that are harmful to your equipment.


This distributed service (fractal) model provides the essential building block for your entry into the world of environmental improvements and operational resiliency that comes with decentralized power.


Community Services
Ready Town

We found Five (5) critical elements for making a community ready for action:

  • Superior Public safety
  • Active public engagement
  • Strong municipal services
  • An educational environment that provides students with broad access to the best technology and information
  • Cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship leading to economic prosperity

What Ready Town can do for your local community.

We will work with you and your key community stakeholders to identify the potential sources of threats and opportunities. Then, we will create a unique menu of services that have been custom-designed to reflect the individual needs your community.

Let us help you to make your towns ready.


Our constellation of networked incubator and tech centers offer to you the opportunity to quickly learn and master all of the requisite skills needed to thrive in our rapid paced emerging world.  Each Tech-You-Topia center is designed to reflect the needs and opportunities of your local community and will include:


  • High tech platforms that leverage near infinite computing power and red-hot broadband connectivity
  • Makerspaces that foster and support the creative spirit in things that you can make with your hands … an opportunity for custom micromanufacturing where no one else in the world can beat you…
  • A celebration of the creative arts in music, art, dance, the theater…
  • A social scene that is the talk of the town with twice monthly fiesta until midnight… better than anyplace else in town
  • A focus on holistic health and well-being
Whether you seek fun, fame, or fortune, or all three!…Tech-You-Topia provides the fast track mechanism to master skills and launch your new enterprise.

All the Tech-You-Topia centers support each other, will be similar… but no two will look exactly the same! 

Recent News and Announcements

Please join us at the 2018 Annual Milsoft User Conference June 12-14 to be held at beautiful Amelia Island, Florida.

The annual Milsoft Users Conference is the premier collaborative event for users and exhibitors that provide interoperable products and services in support of the electric utility industry.

If you plan to attend the Milsoft Conference, please email us in advance so that we can schedule an appointment with you to speak about your unique needs and goals!

The Agile Fractal Grid received two awards at the 2017 TMForum in Nice, France May 2017.

Smart City Innovator of the Year Award
Prestigious Award Recognizes Industry Leaders That Make Significant Contributions to Accelerating Digital Transformation

This award is given for the most innovative breakthrough focusing particularly on how cities can share assets or data with other cities to improve the lives of citizens and that can have widespread adoption and relevance across the world.

Agile Fractal Grid Smart Cities

Outstanding Performance in the Catalyst Program:
Smart City on the Edge

Champions: Agile Fractal Grid, Dublin City, Milton Keynes
Participants: BT, Cloudsoft, EXFO, Infonova/BearingPoint

TMFormum Article

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