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We help business partners realize their full potential by providing
broadband, datacenters, marketplaces, and new skills.

Fractal’s suite of resources and software enables users to deploy fundamental broadband facilities for their communities, microdatacenters, digital marketplaces for themselves, and provides a constellation of cooperative support centers to rapidly acquire all skills necessary to thrive in the new digital economy… regardless of where one chooses to live, work, or play.

We have recently introduced a software platform of platforms called The Digital Marketplace loaded with helpful tools for finding useful services or helping you start your own new digital enterprise.

All of our offerings help to ensure effective communication and adoption of key programs, standards, and strategies throughout your organizations. Fractal solutions have been proven to unlock unique insights that fuel innovation and enable better business decisions.

Since 2014, we have been working with small, medium, and large enterprises around the world to help them achieve their digital transformation aspirations.








Community Broadband seems out of reach?

Introducing Network as a Service.

A managed service for bringing blazing broadband infrastructure and
infinite computing power to your community.

Creating your own digital services business seems too hard?

Introducing the Digital Marketplace

An app store designed both to serve you, and also to help you
try your own hand at entering the new digital commerce world
… right from where you now live.

 Like a helping hand to get started?

Introducing Cornucopia…

The most fun place in town where like minded neighbors teach each other the fine points about creating digital businesses, making things with your own hands, or just creating music and the arts in general…  All for fun, fame, or fortune.



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